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Delta Dental account executives will accompany new brokers on first-time new business calls. We are also available to assist you with all of your presentations.

Rely on your Delta Dental account executive to help manage the activity of your accounts during the year. Our help includes account service, reviewing management reports and claims experience, handling benefit modifications, and helping to resolve any claims or customer service issues. At renewal, you and your account executive present proposals and rates together to maintain the coverage.

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The Broker Support Team

Joseph Perroni - Vice President, Sales & Business Relations
(401) 752-6294

Angelo Pezzullo - Director, Major Accounts & Business Relations
(401) 752-6232

Bethany Wardyga -National Account Relations Specialist
(401) 752-6255

Keith Whitt - Manager, Sales & Business Relations
(401) 752-6241

Shauna Fontaine - Director, Sales & Business Relations
(401) 752-6242

Ann Marie Murphy - Account Executive
(401) 752-6257

Lindsay A. Neves - Account Executive
(401) 752-6113

Raylyn DiPaolo - Senior Sales & Client Relations Coordinator
(401) 752-6233

Megan Marcotte - Sales & Client Relations Coordinator
(401) 752-6107