Dental Health

What Your Smile Says About Your Health

Ever heard of smile therapy? A genuine smile is powerful, as it increases dopamine and endorphins in your brain, boosting a sense of reward and pleasure. But don’t fake a smile. Research shows that faking a smile can create tension in the jaw that feels unpleasant — and make you feel less engaged. Read on for some tips about how to keep your smile healthy and happy:

  • Floss. Flossing is a top priority for a healthy mouth, helping to get rid of bacteria that hides between your teeth, and can lead to cavities and gum disease.
  • Smooth chapped lips. Stress and dry, cold weather can cause chapped lips. Use over-the-counter products to help clear chapped lips.
  • Limit harmful foods and drinks. Chewing on ice, drinking red wine and diet soda, and eating sticky candy can have harmful effects on your teeth. If you can’t steer clear, be sure to brush and floss after indulging.