Dental Health

Avoid these oral health mistakes

Skipping dental visits, storing your wet toothbrush in a closed case and going overboard with whitening treatments are just some of the mistakes that might put your oral health at risk. Read on for some other "don'ts" that can get in the way of a happy and healthy mouth:

  • Ignoring signs of grinding your teeth.If you experience jaw soreness or headaches when you wake up, you might be clenching or grinding your teeth at night. If not properly taken care of, this can lead to jaw trouble, consistent headaches, and chipped or worn teeth.
  • Using a toothpick.It's easy to use a toothpick in place of dental floss when at a restaurant, but toothpicks can splinter and lodge in your gums. They can also potentially damage sensitive gum tissue.
  • Using the wrong toothbrush. Most dentists recommend that you use a soft or extra-soft toothbrush to avoid damage to your teeth & gums. Hard-bristled brushes can erode your enamel and may be more likely to cause tissue damage.